Gone in a Flash Limited is dedicated to providing quality laser treatments in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.

Gone in a Flash specialises in Laser Treatments by a fully qualified technician in a safe and secure environment; working under the advice and guidance of Dr. Glenn Dobson Ph.D - Managing Director of Premier Lasers (UK) Ltd.

Using a brand new Nd:YAG laser we can safely remove unwanted tattoos or do work to fade them ready for a cover up. Specific work can also be done if there are certain parts of a tattoo you want removed, it does not have to be the whole thing.

Laser hair removal (not to be confused with the more commonly known IPL) which is a relatively comfortable procedure and permanent.

Further laser treatments are also performed from our salon in Swindon, Wiltshire. 




Myths about Laser Tattoo removal

Myth 1 The darkest colours are hardest to remove

Truth: Black is easiest to remove due to the fact that darker colours absorb all wavelengths of laser light, while lighter shades are harder to remove as they selectively absorb the laser light. Gone in a Flash lasers have multiple wave lengths to treat all colours.

Myth 2 Each treatment takes a long time?

Truth: Treatments are very quick with small tattoos taking just minutes. 

Myth 3 The laser burns off your tattoo

Truth: Laser tattoo removal process only targets the ink, our laser will deliver pulses of light into the tattoo, shattering the ink, and gradually fading the tattoo from visibility.

Myths about Laser Hair removal.

Myth 1 Lasers hair removal is painful

Truth: The pain associated with Laser Hair removal can really depend on your pain threshold and the area you are having treated. If you can cope with a wax then you will be completely fine with the mild discomfort of Laser treatment.

Myth 2 You cannot wax or treat growing hair between laser sessions

Truth: Yes you can with Laser treatment, you in fact don't need sight of the hair to permanently remove it.